Non-Fiction Readers

Non-Fiction Readers

Write this information into paragraph form in the comment box below. 

1. Title and Topic of your book (frogs, crystals, world records etc)

2. Write a thesis statement about your non-fiction topic

3. Write 3 supporting detail sentences supporting your thesis statement. 

4. Rate it 1-5 on how easy it was to navigate the information in the text

5. Say where you can find the book 

** Don't forget to check for COPS before clicking publish! :) 

C- Capitals

O- Omissions (missing words)
P- Punctuation
S- Spelling

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  1. Book: Legit: Rise of the Cyber Athlete
    Author: Ron Berman
    Genre: Video Games
    Bryan Rizzo wanted to be a base ball player but instead he became a pro gamer and made a living off of it by playing Halo.
    Rating: 999999999999999999999999/5
    Link to the book:

    Copy and paste the link to a URL box then press "Enter".