Here are some ideas about
 how to help support number sense and math fact fluency at home with games!
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Flip 10

Forehead game
Needs 3 players
Use a deck of cards with the face cards removed. 

One player is the dealer and they hand a card face down to the other two players. 
Each player puts the card on their forehead and the dealer tells the players either the product, difference or sum. 
(The dealer would find the product by multiplying,
 difference by subtracting,
 and sum by adding)

The players have to guess what card they have on their forehead. When the dealer tells them they are right they discard the card. 

Rotate who gets to be the dealer every few turns. 

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Math can be tricky! Here are some videos explaining some of the strategies we use to complete our math problems. 

Unit 1: 

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