Fiction Readers

5th Grade Reading Bloggers Assignment

Students are required to post on this page two times per quarter. This will count towards the "literary text" grade on your report card. 

After you finish reading a "just right" book of your choice and fill out a retelling, please post a review of the book here for your friends to read. You can do this at home, or at school during reading workshop. 

One post must be a review of a book they read themselves 

Second post can be either a comment on a post by a peer or a second review. 

Please include the following in your book review:

1. Title, Author & Genre

2. Then, write a few sentences based on the "somebody, wanted, but" structure 

Somebody is the main character (or characters) 
Wanted would describe what the character is trying to achieve
But would describe the obstacles or problem in the story

3. How many stars would you give this book? 1-5

1 star being a low score and 5 stars being a high score. 

4Help your friends know where to locate the book incase they want to read it. 

Places they might find it:

The school library

Our classroom library
Mrs. Drew's reading room

I posted an example of a review about Fame, Fortune and the Bran Muffins of Doom


  1. The name of the book is Cardboard by Doug Tennapel. It is a comic book also known as a graphic novel. Cam wanted something for his birthday so his dad gave him a cardboard box so they built a box guy and he came to life! His name was Bill and he was a boxer! Cam showed Marcus the cardboard box and Marcus was jealous... It turns out it's a really great book! I would give this book 5 stars. This book can be found with the Great Stone Face bookshelf in the library.

  2. My book title for today is Bad Kitty for president by Nick Bruel the genera is Fiction.
    Kitty wanted to by the president of his club but other cats wanted to be president too.
    Through out the book, Kitty will strugle with obsticles such as camercails and ads. I give this book 5 stars, and you can find this book in the school libery.

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  4. The book title is Frozen In Time.the author is Ali Sparkes. The genre is fiction.
    It`s been raining for a couple of weeks. Ben and Rachel are watching tv when the satellite dish falls of the roof. now the have nothing to do. Then all of a sudden, the rain stops and the sun comes out. They burst outside. They went to there dan that they made before it started raining a couple of weeks ago. When the get there, they see something sticking out of the ground. What is it? Read to find out!
    From my opinion, I would give it a 5 star. you can find it in the Great stone Face Award Shelf in the School Library

  5. Zita the Space Girl by Ben Hatke
    Zita and Joseph pressed this alien button that exploded and it opened a portal to an alien universe…
    the stone face book section in the library

  6. prehistoric cave paintings in indonesia have scientists asking:
    Who created the first artwork?

    The first cave paintings made were created about 40,000 years ago.
    The first cave with paintings were found in spain and france.
    At first, they thought that they were made 10,000 years ago but then they found out they were wrong.

    Made by Tyler AND sam. ( we worked together!!)

  7. A prehistoric cave painting in indonesia. Who created the first artwork. The first cave paintings were nearly made 40000 years ago. The first cave paintings were made in france and spain. at first they thought they were made 10000 years ago but they were wrong.

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  9. Matt Christopher mark Matt wants to play hokey but his friend hates hokey so he has to decide

  10. Matt Christopher wrote Inline Skating. Matt wants to play hokey but his friend hates hokey so he has to decide about if he wants hokey or skating. I give it a 10. you can find it in the library

  11. My book is called Say Cheese Medusa by Kate McMulen. Hades is trying to stop Perseus from beheading Medusa. The genre is myths.The main character is Hades. My rating is a 6 out of 5. You can find this book now

  12. Name: Phineas and Ferb
    author: Disney
    Genre: graphic novel
    main Characters: Phineas and Ferb
    Wanted: They are trying to find a remote for the ride that they just made
    But: They lost the remote
    Rating 1 to 5: 5
    locate: myon

  13. The book I am reading is called Code Breakers. The author is Powell, J. The main characters are Brad, Conner, and Scott. The gang finds a briefcase on a bench with a key, map, a ball of yarn, and a cell phone number. They through the ball of yarn because they think its useless. They fallow the instructions from the cellphone number (they called it). At the end, they have to get out of the cave WHEN THEY ARE LOST in sixty seconds with the second briefcase they found with the information from the cellphone number in order to get the money in the briefcase.
    I gave this book a 5 because it was a very interesting story and was exciting.You can find it on myON when you type in Keystone Books.

  14. The series is called Prepare to Survive by Tim O'Shea it is Non-Fiction. Some show how to survive a hurricane or a flood. I would give it a 4 1/2. If you want to survive PLEASE READ THIS. Hint: myOn ;)

  15. I am reading Zeke Meeks VS His Big Phony cousin by D.I. Green. Zeke can not waits till his cousin Sam gets to his house but then he really wants him to go home.